Why the People you Surround Yourself with Matters

I have always heard that “you should surround yourself with good people”, but I never really believed that. Until now.

If you know me and follow me on socials you will know that I am not a “traditional” college student. I took a couple years off after high school graduation before starting my college career (one of the best things that happened in my life if you want to know the truth). This helped me gain a sense of myself that I don't think I could have found if I went straight to college. I was out in the “real world”, I had a “big girl” job (12 hour overnight shifts), and most importantly, I got away from those toxic people I was stuck being around in High School. One of my latest YouTube videos linked here tells you about my whole high school experience if you’re curious about my story (spoiler: it was not a good one).

I am not intending for this blog post to be so gloomy, but I feel as if you needed a backstory. You see, whenever I was in high school I was forced to be around my classmates. I didn’t get to pick & choose who I got to see everyday, it was chosen for me. I saw quickly after graduation that I actually had a say in who stayed in my life & didn’t. Those who brought negativity in my life are no longer here, which resulted in me only having about three friends from my whole high school career left in my life. I am very blessed now to have found friends who support me & love me, including a super sweet & supportive boyfriend to top it off. I don’t have a lot of friends, but I know the few friends I have are healthy relationships & positive influences in my life, but, every so often someone from my past sneaks into my life, ready to challenge me.

The past week or so I have had a very difficult time with a particular person from my high school. We shall call them “person from high school past”. They are very negative towards me, my goals, & dreams, & always left me feeling empty & disappointed after talking to them. They compared me to other people, told me I’m not good enough, what I’m doing in my life isn’t anything special, & overall being very negative in the way they spoke to me. Honestly, this happens a lot now that I am building my own business & myself on different social platforms. People who knew me years ago will degrade me & tell me that I’m not doing that great (at my own business by the way). This one person in particular started downplaying my YouTube channel. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of growing to do within my channel. But I am very proud of myself for what I have achieved & overcame. I feel as if people sometimes forget that I haven’t even had my channel for a year & just hit 10k subscribers. Could I have grown my following faster? Probably. Could I be better at making videos? Sure. But this is my journey, my goals, & my life, who’s to say I can’t be proud of my hard work? I am proud of my accomplishments, & shouldn’t care what other people think (especially those who have no idea how much work goes into something like this). Anyways, back to the “person from high school past”, here I share with you an actual conversation I had last night:

High School Past: You know, you aren’t really that pretty.

Me: Well, thank you for that.

High School Past: I mean like, you’re better than you were in high school so that’s a plus.

Me: Yeah, I think a lot of people look different after high school.

High School Past: Do you even have a job?

Me: Yeah! It's my YouTube.

High School Past: Ha, yeah no. I mean an actual job.

Me: What do you mean? That is my actual job.

High School Past: No, how do you make money?

Me: YouTube?

High School Past: You couldn’t possibly make money from YouTube. Like what do you do to support yourself?

Me: Uh, YouTube.

High School Past: You can’t support yourself with that.

Me: Well, I kinda do. Being that it's my only source of income.

High School Past: You have a small channel. 10,000 is nothing. You can’t have that as your job, you can’t support yourself.

Then they proceeded to compare me to TikTok girls.

After this was said, I decided that this was enough. I politely got off the phone, and tried to not take things to heart.

Why was I spending my time on someone who was threatening my joy? Why was I having to explain myself to someone who could care less about my life? It made me realize that it truly is so important to surround yourself with people who bring no drama or negativity in your life. We should be looking for someone who makes you reach for higher goals & bring out the best in you. Will I still find some people who “don’t understand” my lifestyle & job? Yes. But do I have to keep these people in my life? Absolutely not. I saw this quote that I wanted to share, “You cannot hang out with negative people & expect to have a positive life.” - Joel Osteen. I am the worst about letting people into my life because it’s the “right thing to do” & I don’t want to be “mean”. As I have gotten older I’ve realized that it's not about that at all. Not letting people into your life for whatever reason is your choice & you have the right to choose what is going to be best for your life & your mindset. You can be nice to someone while keeping them at a distance for your own well being. It isn’t selfish to care about yourself, how can you live a healthy positive life with someone negative around you all the time? You can’t.

In Proverbs 16:24 it says, “Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul.” I feel like this just fit for this morning's post. We all should want to share positivity, lift each other up, & share kind words to those around us. No matter your situation or your place in life, we are all beautiful & loved by the One that matters, God. Whenever we get hurt, hear negative words, or think we aren’t good enough, He is always there to lift us up & tell us we are enough in His eyes. I am so grateful to have a Savior who reminds me everyday how much He loves you & me.

Shortly after my phone call with the person of high school past, I was quickly reminded that none of us know what we are battling or going through. None of us knows how hard someone works towards something. We should all rejoice in others accomplishments no matter how small. It would be much more beneficial to uplift & encourage others instead of judging, criticizing, & finding faults in others.

Today I challenge you to uplift someone in your life. Most of us are still at home unable to work due to COVID-19, but we can uplift others on social media at any time. Leave a sweet encouraging comment on a friends post, post a positive quote or bible verse & have your friends leave their own under it, or do you have a friend who is your positive influence? Let them know how much you appreciate them & their support.

I was tempted not to share this blog post because of how this could be interpreted wrong & me get backlash from it. Then I remembered that this is the exact reason I made this blog, is to share things that I wouldn’t normally share to just anyone. Here is the first step of me opening up, sharing my heart with you, & being completely transparent. I hope that today you will remember to spread sweet words like honey & not so much negativity, we already have enough of that.

Until next time,


Oh! Also, click here for a fun “sweet as honey” phone wallpaper I found on Pinterest for a little daily reminder!