Small Business Black Friday Gift Guide 2020

Who else loves shopping during Black Friday?! I have been Black Friday shopping every year since I was 17 and it is something I always look forward to as the holidays approach. This year though, I decided that I wanted to feature some very deserving small businesses as my Black Friday gift guide blog post.

This year has been SO hard on shops financially but most importantly on small businesses. I have several friends who run small businesses (you will see them later on down in this post!) and I can see all of the hard work and dedication they put into their job. Supporting these small businesses is supporting a dream. I don't personally run my own small business but I still view my job as something kinda like one.

With all of that being said, I decided that I wanted to give back a little this holiday season. I have been blessed this year to have my social platforms grow TREMENDOUSLY (started 2020 with 5k on YouTube and now I am over 150k... WHAT?!). I truly want to see my boss gals/men make it and thrive, so, I put out a notice on my Instagram asking small businesses to email me if they wanted to be featured in this week blog. I was thinking like maybe 20 small businesses would reach out. Um, no. Over 300 small businesses had emailed me! I chose a lucky few to tell you guys more about (and so many of them made you your very own discount code for reading this post, ahh!!). Without further ado, here is your 2020 Small Business Black Friday Gift Guide!


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