Freshman Dorm Packing List

Happy college shopping! I know so many of you are asking for college dorm/essential tips & are getting prepped to probably go to college yourself. If you are wanting more details & to see more into my college & sorority prep videos be sure to check out my YouTube! I will be making a video all about what I packed, dorm must haves, what you shouldn't bring and more. We just hit over 15k subscribers & I would love to have you join the family!

Keep in mind I am a very ~extra~ human being so if there are things on this list you don't think you'd ever need just understand I am a very high maintenance gal & thrived from this list I'm sharing. Now let's get you prepped for your freshman year!


I think if you're going to splurge on anything going college dorm shopping, splurge on things for your bed!

  • Mattress Pad (this is the one I used my freshman year & will be using again this upcoming fall in my sorority house. 10/10 would recommend, all of my friends who would get in my bed said it was the comfiest bed!)

  • Comforter

  • Sheets (I highly recommend these microfiber sheets. I still have my set from last year & just bought another pair to have as a backup for this fall. Don't worry about buying the cotton ones, these are soft, affordable, & long lasting.)

  • Pillows

  • Blanket

  • Throw Pillows (I loved having these not only because were they cute on my bed, but also nice when I had friends over)

I also encourage you to plan out your dorm bedding/layout on a Pinterest board! This helped me TREMENDOUSLY. It helped with stress on move in day because I already knew in my head what I wanted where & how I wanted it to turn out.


This one can get tricky, I personally stayed in a suite style dorm so I had my own bathroom I shared with one other person. I don't really know everything you need for a "traditional style" bathroom, but my friends helped me formulate what they used in theirs.

  • Towels (body, face, hand) Tip: get ones from TJMaxx/HomeGoods. Best prices for the best quality.

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, etc.

  • Hand Soap

  • Toothbrush Holder (or something to keep it safe & clean in a drawer)

If living in traditional style you might also want to add:


I loved having extra storage in my dorm room. I lofted my bed where I could use underneath for storage (everyone made fun of me for my high bed but IT WORKED!)

  • Drawer Storage (I personally liked and used this one for clothing & this one for undergarments)

  • Shoe Rack (I used two different kinds. One that hung over the door & one that stood alone!)

  • Jewelry Holder (I mainly used this one on the back of my closet door). Tip: use an acrylic lipstick holder to store your stud earrings. Life. Changer.

  • Ottoman (if your room has extra space). I loved mine I bought for my room, not only did I use it for storage but it also helped me get up on my lofted bed easier as well.


So, I'm not going to lie. I used my desk more as a vanity rather than a "studying space". I normally went to my sorority house or my favorite library on campus, but I made sure I had my desk prepped for when I had those late night study sessions in my dorm.

  • Desk Light

  • Bulletin/Dry Erase Board

  • Planner (I am in LOVE with mine)

  • School Supplies

  • Desk Organizers

  • Desk Hutch. I had my brother make me some with plywood I bought from home depot. You can find them all online but if you are wanting a cheap option look up tutorials & get it done that way.

  • Extension cord


I know you're probably thinking that you won't have to clean but you will. Especially right now also it is so important to keep everything sanitized & fresh.

  • Lysol Wipes

  • Windex

  • Paper Towels

  • Air Freshener (I shared on my Instagram story *now under the life hack highlight* a great at home air freshener to make your room smell AH-MAZING)

  • Trash Can & Bags

  • Dish Soap & Sponge

  • Vacuum Cleaner (don't get a fancy one, but you will thank me if you buy one)

  • Toilet Brush (If you have your own bathroom)

I also bought a mop just because we did have harder floors in our kitchen area & the bathroom that I could mop.


Here is everything I just couldn't think of a category for, but still very important.

  • Rolling Laundry Cart. Trust me on this one though. I came to college with this & once everyone saw how easy it was to transport my laundry everyone went to buy one.

  • 6 Foot Phone Charger (buy a pack of them)

  • Fan (you won't be able to control the temperature more than likely & if you are it probably won't work that well)

  • Brita Filter

  • Laundry Detergent/Dryer Sheets

  • Slippers (people also made fun of me for this, until they got their own pair. I loved wearing mine around my dorm & to do my laundry)

  • First Aid/Medicine Kit. I put one together myself before moving into college. I basically took a small plastic bin & filled it with bandaids, cold medicine, cough drops, allergy medicine, gauze, etc. Basically everything I could think of that I might need while I was there.

T I P S:

  • To pack your clothing, keep them on the hanger & put a garbage bag around the clothes and tie the string around the top of the hanger.

  • To save space, pack stuff in your book bag, laundry hamper, trashcans etc.

  • Don't go grocery shopping until you get there. You're going to want to keep snacks in your dorm, but wait until you move fully in to get those things.

  • DO NOT wait until you get there for decorative items/big items. Unless you already pre-bought & are picking it up in store, chances are they're already sold out of what you're looking for.

  • If you can, ship some boxes to your university. I know Alabama let us do that & it can save on some space in your car if you're traveling.

I HIGHLY recommend you get a head start at buying this stuff if you haven't already. Things are going to start getting sold out & shipping times are already longer than before. If you can go out safely & shop around (with your mask on!) go out one day with your list & buy what you can. Anything you couldn't find could be found online most likely. I normally make multiple trips to the store around this time (ESPECIALLY TJMaxx) to see new stock.

Well that is it! Of course there will be things here & there you will think about that you want to bring. To me, this is a "must haves" list for your first year. Be sure to check my YouTube channel later this month to see me shopping for my sorority room, dorm must haves, & a back to school giveaway! You guys are gonna rock your freshman year. xoxo, Lauren

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