10 Things To Do While Self-Isolating

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

So many of us have been affected by the coronavirus within the past week, whether that is being diagnosed with it, hearing about it on social media, or running to the grocery store for one last package of toilet paper. Whatever your case may be, you probably are also self-isolating yourself, which means a lot of time at home. Lucky for you, I am too, and since I am a homebody already, I wanted to share 10 things you can do during this fun quarantine time!

1. Start a new T.V series

Okay, I never said these weren't going to be basic, LOL. But honestly, would it be that bad to just relax for the next week and find a new series you enjoy?

Don't know where to start? Ask your friends on Facebook for their suggestions/favorite shows (I promise, they don't have anything better to do), or you can look through your Netflix/Hulu account and see what is recommended for you by your watch history. You never know what you'll be hooked on after a couple of episodes!

2. Start a Bible/devotion routine

I always find things to keep me busy, and a lot of the time it makes my devotion/God time suffer. If you are out of work or staying at home the next couple of weeks, what better time to start forming a schedule and habit of reading your Bible or a devotion? Whether that be during your late start mornings or cozy night ins, this is the perfect time to draw near to God.

3. Pray for healthcare workers

Going off of finding time to read your Bible, be sure to pray for those nurses, doctors, EMTs & many other fabulous healthcare workers (let’s also not forget law enforcement and retail workers) who are working while we get to stay at home. They are putting their health on the line to care for those affected and/or possibly affected, not to mention also caring for those emergency & long term patients. Send your healthcare friend a sweet Bible verse, quote, or encouraging text to let them know they are loved!

4. Shop local!

This is the perfect time to give back to your community! All those restaurants that have sponsored you and/or your child by purchasing school ads, go buy a gift card and save it for a rainy day. How about some happy mail? Shop your local boutique’s online stores to get a fab package in the mail while supporting them. Are you an essential oil gal? Contact your friend who sells them and purchase some to have to go in your house while you're stuck there! Even if you can’t help local businesses financially, go to their page to share, like, and comment. Whoever you decide to support, be sure to keep them in your prayers as well!

5. Clean out/redo a room in your house

Do you have that one room or space in your house/apartment that needs a little love? Go ahead and make it something beautiful! Re-paint it, re-decorate it, clean it out or sketch up what you want it to look like and start making plans on how you're going to redo it. This can even be done with your kitchen/bathroom junk drawer. Spring cleaning is right around the corner, go ahead and get a head-start on it!

6. Have a movie night

Do you have a family or roommates? Go ahead and make a comfy blanket palette in front of the TV and have a movie night (I know you all have old DVDs stashed somewhere). You can even turn this into a game night too. Grab your quarantine snacks and some soda (or wine, I won't judge) and get cozy!

7. Foster a pet

Okay so maybe this one isn’t for everybody, but your local animal shelters are having to make adjustments too. Many are asking if you can’t adopt, please foster. A lot of shelters are having to close their doors and have a plethora of pets who need someone. This is the perfect time to foster a dog or cat and make them feel loved during this time.

8. Make an at-home spa day

I know a lot of us gals are probably stressed out during this time, this is a perfect way to relax at home and pamper yourself! Do a face mask, paint your nails, take a bath, deep condition your hair, etc. Be sure to personalize your spa night! Want some relaxing music? Maybe a good book? Take some time for yourself and do some self-care.

9. Make some fun crafts!

I love having a craft day, I loved doing these my first semester at UA with my sorority sisters. We would turn on some music, grab some snacks, our canvas, and started painting. You can do lots of different crafts at home, I made a Pinterest board with several easy DIYs & crafts for you to look over!

10. Bake/cook new or favorite recipes

Who doesn’t like a house that smells like freshly baked goodies? Bring out your grandma’s recipe book or find a recipe on Pinterest (here is my recipe board). I have been using my crockpot non-stop since I came back home, it is such a perfect way to make easy dinners and soups. A lot of the soups I have made I’ve been able to freeze half of the batch to save for a later date. Since a lot of restaurants are starting to close or switch to online ordering and pickup, this is a great time to work on your cooking skills and try something new!

I hope that at least one of these things might help your boredom or spark an idea for something you can do at home. If you decide to try any of these things be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see! You all stay well and wash your hands!